Tween Bedroom Ideas

Tween Bedroom Ideas

If you have a tween child, then you know that they are in the process of transitioning from childhood to adolescence. This can be a difficult time for both parents and kids, as they try to figure out who they are and what they want in life. One way to help your tween feel comfortable in their own skin is by giving them a bedroom that reflects their personality. This blog post will discuss some tween-bedroom ideas that will totally transform your kid’s room!

What is a Tween Bedroom?

A tween bedroom is a space specifically designed for pre-teen children. It usually has a transitional style, with elements from both the child’s bedroom and the adult bedroom.

The furniture should be appropriate to the age of the child, as well as provide ample storage for their growing clothes and possessions. Shelves, dressers, and desks are commonly found in tween bedrooms, allowing them to keep their room neat and organized. Decorations can range from bright colors to more mature themes depending on your child’s taste.

What is a Tween Bedroom?

Many parents choose to include items such as wall art or posters that reflect the interests of their child so they feel comfortable in their own space. For added comfort, it is important to select age-appropriate bedding that is comfortable and inviting. It is also important to ensure that the room is lit properly, so your tween can do homework or play games in a comfortable setting.

Finally, it is important to create an environment that encourages creativity and allows for plenty of activities such as reading or crafting. With these tips, you can create a perfect tween bedroom for your child!

Cool Bedroom Ideas for a Tween Girl

Make Her Feel Like a Princess

  1. Use a princess theme to make her bedroom truly special. Create a canopy bed with sheer fabric, hang up some twinkle lights, and add plenty of pink accents for a princess-like bedroom.
  2. Add some magical touches such as sparkles, unicorns or stars to give the room an enchanted feel.
  3. Include lush fabrics like velvet and satin to add texture and depth to the space.

Create an Artsy Space

  1. Let your tween express herself through art by creating an artsy space in her bedroom. Hang up artwork she has created or purchased and set aside a corner for crafting projects.
  2. Provide ample storage for supplies so that everything is easily accessible.
  3. Choose furniture and décor in colors and patterns that will help inspire creativity.

Utilize Bright Colors

  1. Bright and bold colors are the perfect way to liven up her bedroom. Pick out vibrant wallpaper, curtains, or rugs to add some sense of vibrancy to the room.
  2. Choose bright colors for accent pieces like lamps, bedding or even a rug for maximum impact.
  3. Accessorize with colorful pillows and wall art that she loves for an eye-catching look.

Create a Relaxing Retreat

  1. Make her room into a cozy retreat by adding soft fabrics such as velvet, fur, and silk for comfort. Opt for muted colors that create a calming atmosphere.
    Hang up twinkle lights around the room to create a dreamy feel.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of seating for her and their friends for socializing or curl up with a good book.
  3. Place some plants around the room to give it a warm and welcoming feeling.

Keep It Organized

  1. Keep her bedroom orderly and clutter-free with plenty of storage. Built-in shelving, baskets, and bins are great for keeping things neat and organized.
  2. Hang hooks on the wall to keep jewelry or other small items off the floor.
  3. Install floating shelves above her desk or bed to provide additional space for books or keepsakes.
  4. Use stackable boxes for smaller items like makeup or hair accessories that can be tucked away when not in use.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. – Encourage your tween to lead a healthy lifestyle by incorporating wellness into their room design. Add a yoga mat and weights to create an area where they can practice mindful movements or yoga.
  2. Choose calming colors and natural light for the room to create a restful atmosphere and set up an area where they can practice meditation or mindfulness activities.
  3. Accessorize with houseplants to add life to the space while also purifying the air.
  4. Hang inspirational quotes or artwork on the wall that encourages positive thought patterns and behaviors.

Add a Wow Factor

  1. Make her bedroom unique to her by adding a wow factor like an indoor swing or hanging chair.
  2. Hang up tapestries with bright colors and patterns on the walls.
  3. Incorporate some fun accessories such as neon signs, string lights, or fairy lights around the room for an eye-catching look.
  4. Place a piece of statement furniture like a bold desk, chair, or bookcase to add personality to the space.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for a Tween Girl

Each of these ideas is designed to help you create the perfect tween girl bedroom that both she and you can love. From princess themes to artsy spaces and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to make her room feel special while also reflecting her own unique personality. With a little creativity and the right pieces, you can create a space that she will love spending time in for years to come [1].

Tween Room Layouts

A Place to Sleep and Play

When it comes to tween room layouts, there are a few key elements that make the space great for both sleep and play. The first is having a comfortable bed where your child can relax and get plenty of rest. If you have limited space, consider investing in bunk beds or loft beds to maximize the surface area for activities. To add extra storage, look into purchasing under-bed drawers or shelves with built-in cubbies. Additionally, adding a desk or workstation gives your tween a designated spot to do their homework and projects too!

Tween Room Layouts

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more fun into the bedroom, think about adding some beanbags or large pillows for lounging around during movie nights or game days. A bean bag chair can also double as a seat during playtime. Furthermore, you could invest in some wall art, bookshelves, or accent pieces to give the room personality and make it feel more inviting. Lastly, don’t forget to create plenty of open floor space so your child has room to spread out their toys and games!

A Study Space and Creative Space

In addition to adding a bed and fun elements to the room, it’s also important to create a study space and creative space for your tween.

Dedicating an area just for academics is essential as it allows them to stay organized and complete their homework without distractions.

If you don’t have enough floor space for a desk or workstation, opt for wall shelves or cubbies instead. These can be used as storage solutions while doubling as a makeshift desk.

For tweens who love exploring their creativity, try creating an art corner in their bedroom. Add markers, crayons, paints, and other supplies they can use to express themselves. Additionally, having some inspiring decor such as motivational quotes or postcards from different places around the world is an easy way to keep them motivated and inspired.

A Hangout Spot

Finally, give your tween a hangout spot with their friends. If you have room for it, think about adding a sectional or couch so they can have their little lounge area. You could also add some beanbags or floor pillows to make it more comfortable. This allows them to talk and play together.

A Hangout Spot

In conclusion, tween room layouts should be designed with both sleep and play in mind. Think about creating comfortable sleeping areas as well as study spaces and creative corners for your child to explore their interests. Lastly, don’t forget to add a hangout spot for when friends come over too!

Tween Bedroom Organization

One of the best ways to help keep your tween’s bedroom organized is with designated storage and organization bins. Bins can help store toys, clothes, and other items in an orderly fashion. Consider labeling each bin so that everything has a designated place. This also helps kids learn responsibility by keeping their own belongings in order.

Another helpful way to keep things organized is to use hooks for hanging jackets, backpacks, purses, and anything else that tends to pile up on the floor or furniture. Magnetic boards are also great for displaying artwork, pictures, notes from friends, or any other important mementos without cluttering the room.

Tween Bedroom Organization

Finally, having a desk in their room can provide a dedicated space where your tween can work on homework, projects, and other activities. Utilize desk organizers to keep pencils, pens, erasers, and other supplies in their place. Include a sturdy chair that provides support while they are working. Setting up an organized workspace, it will help encourage your tween to stay focused and motivated.

By creating designated storage areas and making sure everything has its own special place, your tween’s bedroom will always be clean and clutter-free. With the right organization strategies in place, you can help make your child’s room a more pleasant environment for them to live in.

Cool Rooms for Tweens: Picking the Right Colors

Once you have chosen the type of room that is best for your tween, it’s time to pick colors for their space. Colors can be powerful in creating an atmosphere and setting a mood. As such, it’s important to choose colors that will reflect the personality and interests of your tween while also being age-appropriate.

Cool Rooms for Tweens: Picking the Right Colors

When choosing colors, consider hues that are bright and fun but not overly distracting or offensive. Soft blues, greens, pinks, purples, and oranges make great choices because they represent growth and optimism without being too overwhelming. If you want to go bolder, brighter yellows or reds create an energetic vibe whereas darker shades like navy blue or hunter green provide a sense of sophistication.

Your tween’s room should also be an area where they can express their interests and hobbies, so feel free to add pops of color based on this. If your teen loves sports or a particular team, you might consider adding some sports-related décor like wall art or throw pillows.

Another way to pick the perfect colors for your tween is to use a color wheel as a reference. This will help you identify complementary hues that work well together and create a visually appealing space. And when in doubt, consult with an interior designer who can provide expert advice and ideas tailored specifically to your teen’s needs and preferences. With the right combination of colors and design elements, you can easily create a cool and comfortable room for your tween [2].

Best accessories for Tween Bedrooms

  1. Wall Art – A great way to add color, fun, and individuality to the bedroom is by incorporating wall art. Choose artwork that reflects your tween’s personality and interests for a unique look.
  2. Decorative Pillows – Decorative pillows add comfort and style to beds, couches, chairs, or even bean bags in the bedroom. Try to find ones with vibrant colors and/or funky designs that will make your tween’s room stand out!
  3. String Lights – String lights are a must-have accessory for any bedroom! They come in countless different styles and colors so you can customize the lighting scheme of your tween’s room perfectly.
  4. Rugs – Rugs are an easy and inexpensive way to add texture and color to your tween’s bedroom. Choose a rug that will be comfortable to walk on, but also something interesting enough to show off!
  5. Desk Accessories – A desk is a great addition to any bedroom, particularly for tweens who are starting homework more frequently. Invest in some cute accessories like organizers, pencil holders, and paper trays that will make the work area look fun and inviting.
  6. Storage Solutions – As tweens get older they tend to accumulate more things – clothes, books, toys – so storage solutions are essential to keep their room tidy and organized. Look for creative ways of storing items like baskets or wall-mounted shelves.
  7. Wall Decals – Wall decals are an easy and inexpensive way to transform a boring wall into something more fun and interesting. Choose from inspirational quotes, animals, plants, or whatever your tween loves to make their room truly unique!
  8. Bedding Sets – A great way to give your tween’s bedroom a whole new look is with a bedding set that reflects their personality or interests. You can find bedding sets in many different colors, patterns, and styles so you’re sure to find something perfect for them!
  9. Funky Lamps – Lighting is an important factor in the decor of any room – especially bedrooms! Look for funky lamps that will add some personality to the space while still providing enough light for activities.
  10. Mirrors – Mirrors are a great accessory for any bedroom as they help create an illusion of space and also make it look brighter. Look for mirrors with unique frames or shapes that will add some character to the room.

Best accessories for Tween Bedrooms

Best toys for tweens

  1. LEGO Sets – Lego sets provide a great way to get kids engaged in creative play while also teaching them skills such as problem-solving and fine motor skills.
  2. Remote Control Cars – Remote control cars are great for tweens who like to compete against each other or just have fun driving around the neighborhood.
  3. Board Games – Board games are an excellent way to bond with your tween on a rainy day, and there’s something for everyone from classic Monopoly to niche hobby games like Catan.
  4. Art Supplies – Tweens love getting creative, so art supplies make a great gift! Whether it’s paints, markers, sketchbooks, or even clay—art is a great way for them to express themselves.
  5. Musical Instruments – Playing an instrument can be a great way for tweens to explore their passions and showcase their talents, so getting them a guitar or keyboard is always a good idea!
  6. Sports Equipment – Tweens are typically full of energy and need activities that will help them burn it off. Investing in some sports equipment such as basketballs, soccer balls, skateboards, etc., will keep them active and entertained.
  7. Video Games – While video games may not provide the same physical benefits as playing sports outdoors, they do offer an immersive experience that encourages problem solving skills and creativity. Plus, they’re just plain fun!
  8. Science Kits – Science kits are perfect for tweens who have an interest in science and want to explore their curiosity. From chemistry experiments to engineering projects, these kits offer plenty of hands-on learning opportunities.
  9. Scooters – Scooters are a great way to get kids outside and active while having fun! Tweens can cruise around the neighborhood or participate in competitive tricks with their friends.
  10. Books – Reading is one of the best ways for tweens to expand their knowledge, increase critical thinking skills, and build vocabulary. Investing in some age-appropriate books will help them foster a lifelong love for reading!


What should a tween girl have in her room?

A tween girl should have a few things in her room to make it a comfortable, safe, and fun space. Depending on the age of the girl, she may like different items. Here are some basics that every tween girl’s bedroom should include:

  1. A comfortable bed and mattress
  2. Storage solutions such as cabinets, shelves, or drawers
  3. An area for studying or doing homework
  4. Appropriate lighting (such as lamps and/or overhead lights)
  5. Fun decorations such as posters, art pieces, and memorabilia
  6. Décor that reflects her personality such as colorful bedding or pillows
  7. Safe storage for personal items like jewelry or money.

In addition, tweens may also want to add items like bean bags, an area rug, a music player or gaming system, and any other items of their choosing. It is important to give the girl some autonomy in her bedroom so she can express herself without fear of judgment. This will help create a space that she loves and can return to when she needs refuge.

What type of furniture should a tween girl have in her room?

When choosing furniture for a tween’s bedroom it is best to opt for pieces that are functional and comfortable. A bed with storage drawers beneath it is an excellent way to maximize space as well as provide places for shoes and toys. Additionally, desks and chairs should be chosen with the tween’s needs in mind. Look for pieces with adjustable heights, ergonomic features, and storage space to suit their needs. Other items such as bookcases, shelving units, side tables, and a bean bag chair can also be added to create a cozy atmosphere. Finally, adding seating like a loveseat or armchair can provide extra comfort when friends come over.

What colors should I choose for my tween girl’s bedroom?

When selecting colors for your tween’s bedroom it is important to keep her personality in mind. She may like bright colors like pink or purple or prefer something more muted such as blues and greens. Solid colors are great but don’t be afraid to mix and match with different hues, patterns, and textures. Try adding wall decals for a fun pop of color or use paint to create an accent wall.

Once you have the base colors chosen you can then add in accessories such as throw pillows, blankets, curtains, rugs, and art pieces that coordinate with the overall theme. Remember that this is her space so be sure to get her opinion before making any major decisions. This will help ensure she loves her space and it can grow with her into adulthood.

How to style a tween bedroom?

When styling a tween bedroom it is important to create a space that reflects the girl’s personality and interests. Start by selecting colors and patterns that she loves, then add in pieces of furniture that provide storage and comfort.

Next, incorporate items like posters or artwork as well as decorations such as pillows, blankets, rugs, or other textiles that tie into her theme. Finally, if budget allows, consider investing in a few fun pieces like bean bag chairs or gaming systems so your tween can really make her room feel like home.

How to decorate a tween girl’s room?

Decorating a tween girl’s room is an exciting process! Start by picking out colors and patterns that match her style. Then, add furniture pieces such as a bed, desk, shelves, or drawers for storage. Once the basics are in place you can have fun incorporating decorations such as rugs, pillows, wall art, and other items to create a space she will love.

Finally, if budget allows you can also add small pieces like lamps or lighting fixtures to help set the mood and make her room feel complete. Don’t forget to get her opinion on everything along the way – after all, it is her room so let her express herself in any way she wants!

What do you need for a TikTok bedroom?

Creating a TikTok bedroom is all about having fun with your decor! Start by selecting colors and patterns that will be the base of the room. Then, pick out pieces of furniture such as a bed, desk, shelves, bean bag chairs, or gaming systems for entertainment. After that, add decorations such as rugs, pillows, wall art, and other items to help create the dream TikTok bedroom. Finally, don’t forget to include lighting fixtures to set the perfect mood and make her room feel complete. With these tips you can create an awesome space she will love!

What age should children stop sharing a room?

The age at which children should stop sharing a room can vary depending on the individual child, but it is generally recommended that they have their own space by around 7 or 8 years old. Having their own room gives them a sense of independence as well as privacy and will help them feel like they are growing up. When making this transition, be sure to talk to your child about it and get their input on how to make the most of their new space. Additionally, you may want to consider decorating the room together so they really feel at home in their new environment.

What should a 13-year-old be doing around the house?

At around 13 years old, it is important to start teaching kids responsibility and giving them chores they can do around the house. This could include things like taking out the trash, loading/unloading the dishwasher, dusting furniture, doing their own laundry, vacuuming carpets or sweeping floors, mopping bathrooms and kitchen areas, cleaning windows and mirrors, or helping with meal prep. Give them a set of tasks that need to be completed each week and make sure you’re checking in with them regularly to ensure everything is getting done properly. By teaching kids responsibility at an early age you are setting them up for success in adulthood!

How can girls make their room look pretty?

Girls can make their rooms look pretty by incorporating colors and patterns that reflect their style. Start by picking out a few colors, fabrics, or textures that she loves and then add furniture pieces to create the desired layout. Next, incorporate decorations such as rugs, pillows, wall art, and other items that tie into her theme. Finally, don’t forget to include lighting fixtures to set the mood and make the room feel complete. With these tips you can create a space she will love!

How to make a tween room beautiful without money?

Creating a beautiful tween room without spending money is easier than you may think! Start by selecting colors and patterns that match her style. Then, find furniture pieces such as a bed frame, desk, shelves, or drawers for storage from secondhand stores or thrift shops. Once the basics are in place, look for decorations such as rugs, pillows, wall art, and other items to create a space she will love. Finally, don’t forget to include lighting fixtures to help set the mood and make her room feel complete.

What does every small tween bedroom need?

Every small tween bedroom needs furniture pieces to create the desired layout, colors, and patterns that tie into her theme, and decorations such as rugs, pillows, wall art, and other items to make the room feel complete. Additionally, don’t forget to include lighting fixtures to set the mood and help make the space brighter. Finally, remember to get her opinion on everything along the way – after all, it is her room so let her express herself in any way she wants! By following these tips you can create an awesome space she will love!

What should be in the boys’ tween bedrooms?

When creating a boy’s tween bedroom, be sure to select colors and patterns that match his style. Additionally, find furniture pieces such as a bed frame, desk, shelves, or drawers for storage from secondhand stores or thrift shops. Decorate the room with items that tie into his themes such as rugs, pillows, wall art, and other decorations. Finally, don’t forget to include lighting fixtures to set the perfect mood and make his room feel complete. With these tips you can create an awesome space he will love!

What are some cool ideas for boys’ tween room decor?

When decorating a tween boy’s room, there are lots of cool ideas to consider. Start with colors and patterns that match his style, then add furniture pieces such as a bed frame, desk, shelves, or drawers for storage. Look for decorations such as rugs, pillows, wall art, and other items to tie into his theme. Finally, don’t forget to include lighting fixtures to set the mood and make the space feel complete. With these ideas you can create an awesome space he will love! Additionally, don’t forget that boy loves gadgets – so think about adding some fun tech accessories like gaming consoles or computers if it fits within your budget!



Tween bedroom ideas provide a way for parents to help their tween children transition into their teenage years in style. With the right balance of creativity and practicality, parents can create beautiful, functional bedrooms that will grow with their children as they mature. From investing in versatile furniture that can easily be updated over time to focusing on fun accessories and decor items, there are plenty of ways to make a tween bedroom design both stylish and functional. By taking the time to consider all aspects of the space and properly integrating them into your design plan, you’ll be able to create a room that is tailored perfectly for your tween!