How to Get Burnt Popcorn Smell Out of House?

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of burning popcorn, you know that the smell can be overwhelming. Did you know that there are easy strategies to eliminate the nasty burnt popcorn odor? Follow these tips and say goodbye to that pesky odor for good!

What causes the burnt popcorn to smell?

Burnt popcorn smell is caused by an accumulation of airborne particles released when the popcorn kernels are heated up to a high temperature. These particles include smoke, carbon dioxide, and other odors that linger in the air.

The best way to get rid of burnt popcorn smell is to ventilate your house. Open windows and use fans or air conditioning units to circulate the air. This will help disperse the odor throughout your home more quickly. Alternatively, you can also use deodorizers like incense sticks or essential oils to cover up the scent. [1]

When will the smell be gone?

The smell of burnt popcorn should dissipate relatively quickly. If the burnt odor lingers for more than a few hours, then it may need to be addressed directly. There are several steps you can take to get rid of the burnt popcorn smell from your home.

Ways to remove the smell

Ways to remove the smell

Secure the popcorn in bags

Place the burnt popcorn into a large garbage bag and seal it shut. The smell will still be in the air, but starting with this step can make all of your other efforts more effective.

2. Open windows and turn on fans

Move any furniture away from windows and open them up as wide as possible to let fresh air in and stale air out. To further circulate the air, turn on ceiling or stand-alone fans and allow them to run for at least an hour while you take these other steps.

3. Baking soda is great for absorbing odors from carpets, drapes, furniture, and walls without damaging those items

Sprinkle baking soda liberally over surfaces where the smell seems to linger; allow it to sit for at least an hour before vacuuming.

2. Clean your microwave

Clean your microwave

A citrus solution

If the smell is coming from your microwave, fill a bowl with one-half cup of water and add four drops of lemon or orange essential oil. Put the bowl in the microwave and run it on high for five minutes. The citrus will help neutralize any lingering odors.

3. Use baking soda to eliminate odor naturally

Baking soda is great at absorbing odors naturally without using harsh chemicals. Fill shallow bowls with baking soda and place them around your home – particularly near vents where smells tend to linger – and leave overnight or up to two days if needed. Vacuum up the used baking soda when done. [2]

Cook some vinegar

Another natural way to tackle the burnt popcorn smell is by boiling some vinegar in a pot. Just make sure to open your windows first. The odor of the vinegar will overpower the smells coming from your microwave and help neutralize them.

Time for a coffee

Brewing a pot of coffee can help to reverse the burnt popcorn smell. The strong aroma of the coffee will overpower any lingering odors from the microwave and freshen up your home. Take it outside

If all else fails, take your microwave outdoors and give it a good scrub with baking soda and water or even sandpaper for tough stains.

3. Removing the smell from your house

Removing the smell from your house

Vinegar and bread

It is a popular technique for eliminating the smell of burnt popcorn from your house. Begin by placing two slices of white bread on a plate and pouring 1/4 cup of white vinegar over them. Place this plate in the area where the smell is strongest and leave it overnight. The next morning, discard the bread and replace with fresh slices to help further absorb any remaining odors.

Fill the air with fragrance

Essential oils

Essential oils and scented candles are great for filling your house with a pleasant aroma. Try using an oil diffuser to fill the air with natural and calming essential oils, such as lavender or eucalyptus. Alternatively, you can light some candles on the stovetop or around the room to create a cozy atmosphere.[3]


It is important to open windows and turn on fans to allow fresh air into your home and help circulate the smell out more quickly. Make sure that all of the doors of your kitchen are opened and any exhaust fans in bathrooms are switched on. If possible, move some furniture around to provide additional space for air flow throughout the house. Doing this will help clear out any remaining odors and keep your house smelling fresh.

Spread out the baking soda

Baking soda is the natural choice for getting rid of bad smells. Sprinkle baking soda throughout your house in areas where you think the smell may still linger and leave it overnight to absorb any remaining odors. The next morning, vacuum up the baking soda and discard it. This simple trick can help make your home smell like new again.

4. Cleaning your upholstery

Cleaning your upholstery

Furniture, carpets, and other upholstery can absorb the burnt popcorn smell, so you may need to clean them. Use a commercial carpet cleaner or an upholstery shampooer to get rid of the scent from your furniture. Vacuum thoroughly afterwards to ensure all of the moisture is removed.

5. Washing curtains

If your window curtains still smell like burnt popcorn, take them down and wash them in cold water with laundry detergent. Allow them to air dry before putting them back up again.

A bonus idea: Treating your clothes

If the burnt popcorn smell has permeated your clothing, you can try giving them a special treatment. Before washing, fill a bucket with cold water and add one cup of white vinegar for every gallon of water. Soak the garments in this mixture for up to 30 minutes and then proceed with normal laundering. The vinegar will help remove some of the odors from the fabric. If needed, you could also opt for an additional step by using baking soda after washing your clothes.

Place the damp items in a sealed plastic bag with 1/2 cup baking soda. Allow it to stay overnight before rinsing and then wash as usual—the baking soda will absorb any lingering smells left behind! Good luck getting rid of that annoying burnt popcorn odor around your house! [4]

How to Get Rid of Other Cooking Smells

Aside from burnt popcorn, most other cooking odors can be removed using simple and natural methods.

One easy way to get rid of mild cooking odors is with a box fan or two. Open up all available windows in the house and place two fans – one blowing air in, one blowing air out – at opposite ends of the house. The “push-pull” effect created by the fans will create an airflow that can carry out any lingering smoke or odor particles. You can also try simmering a pot of water with lemon, orange, or other citrus peels to fill your home with a fresh scent.

Baking soda is also an effective odor absorber – simply sprinkle it on carpets and other fabrics before vacuuming to help remove odors. For stronger cooking odors, you may want to turn to commercial products like sprays and candles that can effectively mask the smell of smoke in the air. If all else fails, try using a diffuser with essential oils such as lavender or lemon balm for a natural solution.

With these steps, you’ll be able to get rid of any lingering cooking smells in no time!

Why Essential Oils Are the Best Way to Mask Gross Smells

Essential oils are an effective way to mask unpleasant odors, such as the smell of burnt popcorn.

Many people find that the strong scents of essential oils can overpower more pungent smells in their homes without feeling overwhelming or artificial. In addition to being natural, essential oils may help improve air quality and reduce feelings of stress due to their aromatherapy benefits.

What causes the burnt popcorn to smell

To get rid of the smell of burnt popcorn in your home, try using a few drops of calming lavender oil on a cotton ball and placing it near the source of the odor. You could also combine different essential oils for a more powerful scent; some combinations that work well with popcorn include orange, lemon, and clove. With these natural remedies, you can easily remove that unpleasant popcorn smell and get your home smelling fresh again.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that essential oils should always be used with caution and respect. Make sure you’re familiar with the properties of any oil before using it, and only use a few drops at a time to avoid overpowering the other smells in your home. When done properly, essential oils can provide an easy solution for masking odors like burnt popcorn without resorting to harsh chemical sprays or artificial fragrances!

Is The Smell of Burnt Popcorn Dangerous?

The smell of burnt popcorn can be unpleasant and overwhelming in a house. But what about the safety? Is it safe to breathe in the smoke and odor from burnt popcorn? The answer is mostly yes. The majority of health risks associated with smelling burnt popcorn are due to the inhalation of particles released into the air during the burning process. These particles can be irritating if inhaled, but they are not toxic or dangerous. If you experience any breathing difficulties after smelling burnt popcorn, you should seek medical help immediately.

However, there are certain situations where smelling burnt popcorn can pose a greater risk than normal. For instance, if you burn your popcorn in an enclosed space like an oven or microwave, this could cause carbon monoxide to accumulate in the air. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can be very dangerous when inhaled, so it is important to make sure you have good ventilation in your kitchen before popping popcorn.

To ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, it is always best to take preventative measures when cooking with or smelling burnt popcorn. Make sure there is plenty of fresh air circulating in the room, open windows and doors if possible, and avoid burning large amounts at once.

Additionally, ask anyone who may be affected by breathing difficulties or asthma to leave the area while cooking. [5]

Taking these steps will help reduce any potential health risks associated with burnt popcorn smell and smoke.


What kills the burnt popcorn smell?

The best way to get rid of burnt popcorn smell is to open the windows and doors to let fresh air in, turn on a fan or two to help circulate the air, boil some vinegar on the stove, use an odor-eliminating spray like Febreze, place charcoal briquettes around the house, and clean up any charred kernels.

How do you remove a burnt popcorn smell from your microwave?

To remove a burnt popcorn smell from your microwave start by unplugging it and turning off its power source. Empty out all food particles that may have been left behind. Clean out all interior surfaces with a damp cloth and warm soapy water. Wipe down all surfaces until they are dry. Place baking soda and vinegar in separate containers and leave them inside the microwave to absorb the smell. Let sit overnight, then empty out the containers and wipe down all surfaces again with a damp cloth.

Why does burnt popcorn smell linger?

Burnt popcorn smells can linger for days or even weeks in your house due to the presence of smoke particles, which are small enough to remain suspended in the air. These particles are often difficult to remove without proper ventilation, so it’s important to take steps to get rid of the smell as soon as possible. One way to quickly remove burnt popcorn odors is by using baking soda and vinegar.

Sprinkle baking soda on carpets, upholstery and other fabrics that hold smoke particles and let it sit overnight. The next day, vacuum up the baking soda. Then mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a bucket and sponge-mop floors with the solution – this will help absorb any lingering odors. Alternatively, you can use a store-bought odor neutralizer spray to help eliminate odors.

Is the smell of burnt popcorn harmful?

No, the smell of burnt popcorn is not considered to be harmful. However, it can become a nuisance if left unchecked. Smoke particles are known to irritate eyes and lungs, so it’s important to take steps to reduce smoke levels in your home by opening windows and using proper ventilation when cooking with oil or using products that produce smoke.

Additionally, you should avoid breathing in any smoke from burned foods as this could lead to respiratory problems and other health issues. Taking these precautions will help limit your exposure to potentially dangerous smoke particles and will help keep your home smelling fresh.

What absorbs the smell of burnt food?

Once the source of the burnt popcorn smell is identified, there are several things that can be done to absorb and reduce the smoky odor. Charcoal is one of the most effective materials for absorbing odors, so placing an open container of activated charcoal near the source of the smell can help reduce it. Baking soda works as well – sprinkling some on a plate or in an open bowl and leaving it in affected rooms can help neutralize odors. White vinegar is also useful; filling several containers with vinegar and leaving them around your house overnight can help get rid of unwanted smells. Air purifiers with carbon filters are another good option for removing airborne particles that contribute to bad odors. Finally, ensuring proper ventilation throughout your home is key – opening windows and running fans can help circulate fresh air throughout the house, reducing odors.

Is it safe to use a microwave after burning popcorn?

It is generally safe to use a microwave after burning popcorn, but you should check with the manufacturer’s instructions first. Be sure to clean up any charred kernels and wipe away any residue on the walls of the microwave before using it again. Additionally, be sure to leave the door open for several minutes after cooking – this will help reduce any lingering odors from cooking.

How long does it take to get the burnt smell out of the microwave?

The amount of time it takes to get the burnt smell out of a microwave depends on how severe the odor is. If the smell is strong, leave a bowl or plate filled with white vinegar inside for an hour and then wipe away any residue. Additionally, running the microwave empty for five minutes can help reduce the smell. Finally, using activated charcoal or baking soda in an open container near the source of the smell can also help absorb odors over time. Be sure to replace these materials regularly to keep odors at bay.

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The best way to get rid of the burnt popcorn smell in your house is to use a combination of natural methods, such as ventilation and odor neutralizers. These methods will help to thoroughly eliminate the smell from your home and make it a more pleasant environment for everyone. If these solutions don’t work, you may want to consider using commercial products specifically designed for removing odors from the home. Remember, no matter how careful you are with handling food items in your kitchen, accidents can still happen! With these tips on getting rid of the burnt popcorn smell out of your house, you should have success in making sure that unfortunate accident never happened in the first place.

Good luck!