How to Unlock Bedroom Door With a Hole?

There are many reasons why you might need to unlock your bedroom door with a hole. Maybe you locked yourself out, or maybe you just need to get in quickly and don’t have your key on you. Whatever the reason, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will discuss some of the most common ways to unlock a bedroom door with a hole. We’ll also provide some tips for making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. So read on and learn everything you need to know about unlocking your bedroom door with a hole!

What Are Privacy Locks?

We all are familiar with doors that have a keyhole on both sides and require a physical key to open them. But, in recent years, another type of door lock has become increasingly popular: the privacy lock.

Privacy locks are those that don’t have a keyhole on the outside of the door.

They’re often used in bedrooms and bathrooms, as they offer more privacy than a regular door knob lock.

These locks come in two types: button locks and thumbturn locks.

Button locks come with a small button on the knob. To lock the door, simply push the button. To unlock the door, turn the knob.

What Are Privacy Locks?

Thumbturn locks are slightly more complex yet still easy to operate. They have a special tab on the inside of the knob that can only be turned with a thumb or finger. To lock the door, rotate the tab so it’s perpendicular to the door. To unlock it, rotate the tab in the opposite direction.

It’s important to note that privacy locks of either type can only be locked from the inside of the room.

This is simply because they prioritize privacy over security. However, it’s very easy to get locked out of a room with one of these locks, so it’s important to know how to unlock them if you ever find yourself in that situation.

For this reason, privacy locks come with a small hole on the outside of the door for emergency entry. It may seem daunting at first but with a few simple tools, you can easily unlock your door.

One thing to keep in mind is that privacy locks are not meant to be used as a security measure. They’re not as strong as deadbolts and can easily be forced open if someone really wanted to get into your room. [1]

So, now that we know what privacy locks are, let’s take a look at how to open one if you find yourself on the wrong side of the door.

Ways to Unlock a Privacy Lock With a Button

Button-type privacy locks are quite easy to unlock if you have the right tools. In most cases, you won’t need to purchase any special equipment, as everything you need can be found around the house.

Unlock it with a thin object

The easiest way to unlock a button lock is by using a long thin object, like a paperclip or other thin, stiff wire. You can use nearly anything as long as it’s thin enough to fit into the hole and is stiff enough to push the button.

First, locate the small hole on your doorknob. This is where you’ll insert the paperclip. Slowly begin to push the wire into the hole on the doorknob as far as you can.

Next, apply pressure and push the object even farther until you hear the locking mechanism click. And that’s it! You should now be able to turn the knob and open the door.

If you don’t have a paperclip or other thin wire, you can also use a bobby pin. Just bend it so that one end is straight and insert it into the hole in the same way as you would a paperclip.

Unlock it with a thin object

One thing to keep in mind is that the button is located right in the exact center of the doorknob and is small in size. This means, if you insert the wire or paper clip at the wrong angle, you could end up missing the button entirely.

If this happens, simply remove the object and try again. It may take a few tries to get it right but eventually, you’ll be able to unlock the door. Try to insert the object at a straight, horizontal angle for the best result.

As you can see, button locks are relatively easy to unlock, but what about thumbturn locks? Let’s take a look at how to open one of those next.

Ways to Unlock a Privacy Lock With a Thumbturn

Thumbturn locks are slightly more difficult to unlock but still relatively easy if you have the right tools. For this method, you’ll need a small screwdriver or an unfolded paperclip.

Use a flathead screwdriver

Once again, locate the small hole on your door. This time, you’ll need to insert a flathead screwdriver or an unfolded paperclip into the hole.

Flathead screwdrivers are ideal for the job because their tip is usually small and flat enough to fit into the hole without issue. Still, it’s best to use a smaller screwdriver if you have one available.

Now that you have your tool of choice, it’s time to insert it into the hole. Push it in as far as you can until you feel a resistance.

Then, you will need to find a groove in the hole. Gently wiggle your tool until you feel it catch in the groove. If you’re having trouble finding the groove, try moving your screwdriver more slowly.

Now that the screwdriver is in place, turn it clockwise until you hear a click. This indicates that the privacy latch has been disengaged and you should be able to open your door.

As long as you have a little patience, the methods above are relatively straightforward and will get the job done in most cases. Plus, you won’t need any special tools. [1],[2],[4]

However these are just a few methods that can be used to unlock a privacy lock with a thumbturn. Assuming you don’t have a small screwdriver or paperclip on hand, there are still a few methods you can use to unlock your door without damaging it.

Use an Emergency Key

No matter if you have a button lock or a thumbturn lock, you can always use an emergency key that can be used to unlock the door from the outside.

Though to some people purchasing a brand new tool just to unlock their door may seem like an overkill, an emergency key is relatively cheap and can come in handy, since it’s harder to get it lost.

An emergency key has a tip that looks similar to the one of the flathead screwdrivers.

Because of this, you can easily use a screwdriver instead. Still, if you foresee your door getting locked often, an emergency key is always a good investment.

If you don’t have an emergency key or a screwdriver on hand and you’re in a bind, there’s one last method you can try out. [1],[2]

Use a Credit Card

In some cases, you may be able to use a credit card to unlock your door. However, you should only use spare credit cards as this method can easily damage them, deeming unusable. Keep in mind that this method will only work if the hinges of your door are on the inside.

Use an Emergency Key

To start, insert the edge of the credit card into the space between the door and the frame. You’ll need to apply pressure to push the card all the way in until it’s at the level of the doorknob.

Once the card is in place, bend it so that the card is now perpendicular to the door and swing it up and down. You may need to apply some pressure to get the card to budge. From here, you should be able to push down on the doorknob and turn it, opening up the door. [1],[3]

Remove the Hinges

Now we are getting to some of the more radical methods. Hinges are what hold the door to the frame, so if you remove them, the door will no longer be attached. This method is a little more difficult and will only work if the hinges are located on the outside, yet it’s non-destructive and won’t damage your door if you do everything correctly.

First, loosen the screws that are holding the hinge to the door frame with a screwdriver. You’ll need to remove the top and bottom screws of each hinge. Once all the screws are loose, you should be able to tap on the hinge with a mallet and it will pop out of place.

With all the hinges detached, you should now be able to lift the door off its frame and set it aside.

Be careful not to scrape or damage either the door or frame as you do this. [1],[5]

Remove the Doorknob Entirely

Another destructive method is to simply remove the doorknob. This will require a few tools, including a screwdriver and possibly a hammer, but it’s a pretty straightforward process.

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the screws that are holding the plate around the doorknob in place. With the screws removed, you should be able to take off the plate and access the locking mechanism behind it.

Use your flat headed screwdriver and poke inside a lockset hole in order to release the lock and pull back the door latch. You may also need to push the interior doorknob out of the door in order to gain better access to the latch.

But what if you don’t see any screws on your doorknob? In this case, you’ll need to look for a small metal tab. This tab is usually located on the doorknob’s post and can be pried open by depressing it with a flathead screwdriver.

With the tab released, you should now be able to unscrew the escutcheon from the door and gain access to the locking mechanism. From here, you can use the same method as before to release the lock and open the door. [2]

Use Brute Force to Get Inside

Now, this method should only be used as a last resort as it can damage both the door and the frame. Breaking the door with your force is also dangerous to you as there is a risk of getting hurt if you don’t have the necessary strength.

Find a weak point of your door, usually it’s around the doorknob or lock, and gather all your strength into one solid kick. Alternatively, you can use your shoulder to ram into the door, but this isn’t recommended as it can cause serious injury.

Rip the Lock Out With a Hammer

If it’s an emergency situation and you need to get into your room as quickly as possible, then breaking the lock is always an option. This will, of course, damage your door and will likely void any warranty that may be in place, still it’s a quick way to open the door in a pinch.

First, find something heavy and sturdy that you can use to bash in the lock. A hammer is always a solid choice. Crowbar can also work but be careful as you don’t want to damage the door frame. Once you have your weapon of choice, simply swing it at the center of the lock as hard as you can until the lock pops out or otherwise breaks.

Rip the Lock Out With a Hammer

With the lock now broken, you should be able to open up the door. Again, this method will damage your door so only use it as a last resort. [1]

Call a Locksmith

As a final method, if you don’t have any tools on hand and can’t find your emergency key, you can always call a locksmith for help. A locksmith will have no problem opening your door in no time flat without damaging it.

Of course, this will cost you some money, but it’s always better to spend a little cash than to damage your door beyond repair. In addition. you might be interested in how to unlock a bedroom door without a key.

Comparison of Different Methods to Unlock a Bedroom Door With a Hole

Unlocking a bedroom door with a hole can be a tricky task. There are different methods that can be used to unlock a door, and each method may have different advantages and disadvantages. In this table, we compare the success rate, speed, and cost of different methods to unlock a bedroom door with a hole.

Method Success Rate Speed Cost
Using a Wire Hanger 70% 5-10 minutes Free
Using a Credit Card 50% 10-20 minutes Free
Using a Screwdriver 80% 2-5 minutes $10-20
Using a Lock Pick Set 90% 1-2 minutes $20-50

The table presents a comparison of four different methods to unlock a bedroom door with a hole. The methods are using a wire hanger, using a credit card, using a screwdriver, and using a lock pick set. The success rate indicates the percentage of times the method worked successfully. The speed indicates how long it took to unlock the door using the method. The cost indicates the estimated cost of purchasing the necessary tools for the method.

According to the table, using a lock pick set has the highest success rate (90%) and is also the quickest method (1-2 minutes). However, it is also the most expensive method, with an estimated cost of $20-50 for the lock pick set. Using a screwdriver has a high success rate (80%) and is also relatively quick (2-5 minutes), but it has a moderate cost ($10-20 for the screwdriver). Using a wire hanger is the cheapest method (free), but it has a lower success rate (70%) and takes longer (5-10 minutes) than using a screwdriver or a lock pick set. Using a credit card has the lowest success rate (50%) and takes the longest time (10-20 minutes), but it is also a free method.

Overall, the choice of method depends on the situation and personal preference. If speed and success rate are the most important factors, using a lock pick set may be the best option. If cost is a concern, using a screwdriver may be a good choice. If the door is not locked too tightly and there is no rush, using a wire hanger or a credit card may be worth a try.


How do you unlock a privacy door knob?

Unlocking a privacy door knob is easy once you know how. All you need is a paperclip! Just straighten out the paperclip and insert it into the hole in the knob. You should feel resistance after a few seconds. Once you feel this, push it until you hear a clicking sound and open the door.

Can you open a door with a credit card alone?

Yes, you can open a door with a credit card alone. The thickness of the card will determine how much space you can insert into the hole. If the hole is too small, you may not be able to get the card in at all.

Useful Video: How to Pick Locks of Indoor Bedroom Bathroom with Paper Clips


There you have it! Three different ways that you can unlock your bedroom door with a hole if you find yourself locked out.

All in all, unlocking these doors is quite simple in most cases. The most difficult part is finding a thin object small enough to fit into the tiny emergency hole! Once you have found it, all you need to do is insert it and press. In some cases, you may need to turn it a little. If you want to be extra safe, you can get yourself an emergency key from your local hardware store. This will give you a specialized tool for unlocking your door that you can keep on you at all times, just in case!

If anything, you can always call a professional locksmith. They will have no problem unlocking your door if you have lost your key or if the lock is jammed.

Hopefully, one of these methods works for you and gets you back into your room in no time. Thanks for reading!