Jalousie Windows: Everything You Should Know

If you are in the market for a new window style for your home, then you should definitely consider jalousie windows. Jalousie windows offer many benefits that other window styles do not, and they are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about jalousie windows. We will cover what they are, how they work, their benefits, and more!

What Are Jalousie Windows?

Jalousie windows, also known as louvered windows, are a type of window composed of parallel glass or acrylic blades arranged in a slanted orientation. They are hinged at the top and bottom and can be opened and closed by rotating the mechanism that holds them together. This allows the user to partially or fully adjust the amount of light entering into their home through the windows. Jalousie windows have been popular since the late 19th century and remain popular today due to their versatility and ease of use. [1]

What Are Jalousie Windows

Benefits and Disadvantages of Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows offer a number of benefits that other window styles do not. One advantage is their ability to provide both ventilation and light control. Since the blades can be adjusted, the user has complete control over the amount of air and light entering the home. Additionally, jalousie windows are generally more affordable than other window types due to their simple design and construction.

However, there are also some drawbacks to jalousie windows. For one, they are difficult to clean since you must remove each individual blade in order to reach all areas of the window. Also, jalousie windows tend to be less energy efficient than other types of windows since they do not provide as much insulation against exterior temperatures and noise levels. [2]

In terms of maintenance, jalousie windows should be inspected regularly for any signs of wear or damage. Any loose screws or bolts should be tightened, and if necessary, you may need to replace broken or worn out blades. Additionally, you should make sure the mechanism is lubricated regularly with oil to ensure smooth operation when opening and closing the window.

Benefits of Jalousie Windows

Air Flow and Ventilation

Jalousie windows are an excellent choice for areas of your home that require more air flow. Since the user can adjust the blades, they have complete control over how much air enters their home. This makes them perfect for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms where additional ventilation is needed.

Cheaper To Replace Part Of The Window

If you ever need to replace part of the window, such as a single blade or the entire mechanism, it is much cheaper and easier to do so with jalousie windows than other window styles. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Privacy Flexibility

Jalousie windows offer a unique level of privacy since they can be partially opened while still providing light. This is particularly useful in homes with large windows, as it allows the user to adjust the amount of visibility into their home.

Privacy Flexibility

Blocks Sun & Rain Even When Open

When opened, jalousie windows can still block out the elements such as rain and sun. This makes them perfect for areas where you want to let light in but not have it directly shining into your home.

Disadvantages of Jalousie Windows

Security Concerns

One potential downside to jalousie windows is their lack of security. Since they are composed of multiple blades, they can be easily opened from the outside. This makes them less secure than other window styles such as casement and double hung windows.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Jalousie windows are not as energy efficient as other window styles due to their construction and design. The blades provide less insulation against outside temperatures which can lead to increased heating and cooling costs.

Many Moving Parts

Due to their complex construction, jalousie windows require more maintenance than other window styles. The mechanisms and blades must be inspected regularly for any signs of wear or damage and should be routinely lubricated with oil to ensure smooth operation when opening and closing the window.

How Much Do Jalousie Windows Cost?

Jalousie windows are typically more affordable than other window styles due to their simple design and construction. On average, the cost of a jalousie window ranges from $100 – $300 depending on size, material, and customization options. Labor costs may also apply if installation is required. [3]

How Much Do Jalousie Windows Cost

Jalousie Windows Materials and Styles

Jalousie windows are available in a variety of materials and styles. Common materials include aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. They can also be customized with various glass options such as tinted or stained glass for added privacy and style. [4]

When it comes to choosing the right jalousie window for your home, it is important to consider all factors including material, size, energy efficiency, and cost.

Are Jalousie Windows In Style?

Jalousie windows have been a popular choice for many years, but they are currently making a comeback in contemporary architecture. They offer the perfect balance of style and practicality with their adjustable blades and flexible design. Whether you’re looking for an energy efficient option or just want to add some character to your home, jalousie windows may be the perfect choice for you.

Ultimately, jalousie windows provide flexibility, ventilation, and increased privacy while still being relatively affordable. With proper maintenance and care, these windows can last for many years to come. If you’re considering installing jalousie windows in your home, make sure to do your research and make an informed decision that meets all of your needs.

Whether you’re looking for energy efficient windows, privacy, or a unique style, jalousie windows offer the perfect balance of form and function. With proper installation and maintenance, they can last for many years to come while still providing you with the flexibility and control that you need. Whether in modern or traditional homes, jalousie windows are an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to increase their home’s aesthetic appeal while also adding practicality and value.

Our Top Pick for Jalousie Windows

Our top pick for jalousie windows is the Andersen A-Series Jalousie Window. This window is designed to provide superior energy efficiency, durability, and style. The frame is made from solid wood with a multi-layer finish that resists water damage and fading. It also features an adjustable latch system to ensure easy opening and closing of the window blades. With its simple yet elegant design, this window is sure to add beauty and value to any home.

If you’re looking for the perfect jalousie window for your home, the Andersen A-Series Jalousie Window should be at the top of your list. Thanks to its superior construction, energy efficiency, and elegance, this window is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment and value.

From energy efficiency to style, jalousie windows offer the perfect balance of form and function. With proper installation and maintenance, these windows can provide your home with increased ventilation, privacy, and beauty for many years to come. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or a unique style for your home, jalousie windows are sure to meet all of your needs. So if you’re considering installing new windows in your home, make sure to consider all factors before making a decision—including cost, material choice, size, energy efficiency, and overall style. Good luck!


What type of window is a jalousie?

A jalousie window is a type of window that has horizontal slats or blades, usually made from glass or metal, that are connected to a track and can be adjusted to control ventilation.

Did they stop making jalousie windows?

No, jalousie windows are still being produced and sold today.

Are jalousie windows safe?

Yes, jalousie windows are safe and secure when installed properly. The blades can be locked in place to increase security.
How can you make jalousie windows more energy efficient?

Adding weather-stripping to the frame of the window can help make it more energy efficient. Additionally, tinting the glass and adding blinds or curtains can help block out heat in the summer and retain warmth in the winter.

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All in all, jalousie windows are a great choice for those looking for an affordable way to improve their home. They offer many benefits and can be very attractive when installed properly. If you have any questions about jalousie windows, or if you need help choosing the right type of window for your home, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you.


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