Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Are you looking for the best Star Wars bedroom ideas? Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original trilogy or just starting to explore the saga, your inner child will be thrilled when your room is filled with amazing posters, wall art, and memorabilia from a galaxy far, far away.

With so many awesome products that can make your room feel like a Star Wars wonderland, it can be difficult to decide which ones are right for you. We’ve put together this guide to help you choose the perfect Star Wars bedroom ideas that fit your style and budget.

Death Star Living Room

First off, if you’re a fan of the classic Star Wars films, you can’t go wrong with a Death Star-themed living room. Start by painting your walls black and adding silver accents for that iconic look. Then add splashes of color with unique wall art featuring characters from the franchise.

If you want to take your room to the next level, look for furniture that stands out. A Death Star-shaped rug or a beanbag chair shaped like an X-wing fighter will make your living room the envy of all your friends. You can also bring in some classic movie memorabilia such as vintage action figures and posters.[1]

Death Star Living Room

Minimalist Star Wars Room Design

For those of you who prefer a more modern and minimalistic approach to decorating, there are plenty of Star Wars room ideas that you can use. One of the best ways to give your space a modern and sleek look is by keeping things monochromatic. Choose shades of black, white, or gray for your walls and furniture and add pops of bold color with Star Wars-inspired artwork and accessories. You can also hang a few classic movie posters or photos to bring the room together. To complete the look, consider adding some simple geometric shapes and patterns to the walls in order to give it an extra modern vibe. When done right, this type of design is sure to impress any Star Wars fan.[1]

The Star Wars Artist Loft

Are you looking for a unique way to create the ultimate Star Wars bedroom? Look no further than The Star Wars Artist Loft! This amazing concept from the Disney Parks collection, features an entire room dedicated to exploring your creative side. It comes with paint brushes and stencils, plus a large mural canvas featuring iconic characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, Leia, and more. You can even get a Star Wars inspired bedspread to match! [1]

Enchanted Star Wars Kids’ Room

Bring the Force to your kids’ bedroom with a Star Wars-themed design. This enchanting theme combines classic elements and modern touches for a look that will thrill young Jedis everywhere. With starry lighting, creative artwork, and plenty of fun accessories, you can create an intergalactic paradise in no time.[1]

A Bedroom on Another Planet

Turning your bedroom into a Star Wars-themed room can be an adventure, and a great way to express your love of the franchise. Whether it’s with wall murals or DIY projects like painting lightsaber headboards, you can make your bedroom look like you’re on another planet![1]

A Bedroom on Another Planet

Bright and Colorful Star Wars Theme

Create a room that is sure to please any Star Wars fan with bright and colorful decorations. Fill the walls with vibrant colors like shades of blue, yellow, and green for a sense of natural vibrancy. Choose wall art featuring characters from the movies like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader to bring your favorite movie scenes to life. A large wall mural or a few wall decals can also bring the Star Wars universe to life. To add more pop to the walls, use bold and eye-catching colors like red, orange, and purple.

When it comes to furniture, look for pieces with clean lines that fit with the overall theme of your room. A bed designed in shades of black and grey with silver accents will create a modern look. Add an orange or yellow bedspread for a splash of color that ties the room together. You can also add a Star Wars beanbag chair for extra seating or an area rug with classic character designs for added flare.[1]

The Geeky Parents Nursery

If you are looking for a unique bedroom idea that is both fun and inspiring, a Star Wars themed bedroom can be the perfect solution. Whether your child is an avid fan of the franchise or just loves sci-fi in general, creating a room with a galactic flair can be an enjoyable experience for both parent and child alike.[1]

The Boy’s Room Star Wars Dream

Many parents are finding that their boys have a special fascination with the Star Wars movies, making them ideal candidates for a Star Wars themed bedroom. If you’re looking to create the perfect space for your young padawan, here are some creative ideas to help get you started.

One of the easiest ways to bring the world of Star Wars into your son’s bedroom is through bedding and curtains. Look for bedding featuring Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Yoda, or any of the other characters from the series. You can find a wide range of designs that capture the battle between good and evil as well as peaceful scenes with famous characters. If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, opt for sheets and pillowcases in bright blues and greens reminiscent of the planet Tatooine.[1]

Lego Star Wars Room Decor

Lego Star Wars Room Decor is an awesome way to transport your child into a galaxy far, far away. Lego offers numerous sets for all levels of ages as well as many play accessories that can help you create the perfect star-wars themed bedroom.

When it comes to decorating with LEGO, there are plenty of options available. You can go with a complete set such as the Star Wars Death Star Final Duel or mix and match pieces from different sets to create something unique. If you prefer to keep it simple, there are plenty of wall decals and stickers that feature classic characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Another way to incorporate LEGO into your child’s bedroom is by using LEGO building blocks to create a Star Wars inspired wall art. You can also use LEGO to design furniture, as well as shelves or cabinets for storage. If you are feeling particularly creative, you could even build a mini model of the Millennium Falcon for your child’s room.[1]

Lego Star Wars Room Decor

Bright in Blue Star Wars Kids Room

Transform your kid’s bedroom into a fun and memorable Star Wars Kids Room with a bold blue color scheme. Choose between the classic navy blue or go for a brighter, lighter hue to make the room look bigger. To bring in the Star Wars spirit, add some wall decals featuring characters from the movies or hang up some posters of your favorite ships from the series. Complete the look with some Star Wars bedding and furniture to really make it feel like a true galactic adventure.

To bring in more of a playful atmosphere, install an intergalactic-themed rug for the kids to lounge around on. Hang up string lights or add glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling for a truly unique touch. You can also get creative with wall art – print out your own Star Wars characters or even paint a mural of your favorite scene from the movies![1]

Saturated in Star Wars

Turning your bedroom into a Star Wars themed haven is easy as you can find a ton of cool and fun items that are saturated in the iconic franchise. Whether it be bespoke furniture, futuristic lighting or wall-mounted accessories, there’s something for everyone to make their bedroom feel like a galaxy far, far away.

The main theme for any Star Wars bedroom is to make it feel like you are in the Star Wars universe. You can do this by using colors from the franchise, such as blues and whites, and then accessorizing your room with items that evoke the classic symbols. Think of light sabers, rebel or imperial logos and characters like BB8 or R2-D2.

You can also add a touch of movie magic with life-sized wall stickers or printed bed sheets and duvet covers that feature your favorite Star Wars characters. Floor rugs with the Star Wars logo as well as pillows, curtains and wall hangings featuring Darth Vader and other galactic figures are great options too![1]

The Epic Battle Living Room

If you want to turn your living room into a star-studded experience, why not start with an epic battle scene? Choose two movie characters from the Star Wars series to be the focus of this super cool and unique design. Some popular choices are Darth Vader vs. Yoda or Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi. You can achieve the movie-like atmosphere in your living room by using dark and light shades, bold colors, and unique furniture pieces. A too-big TV with a surround sound system fits perfectly in the background of this design to create an even more immersive experience.[1]

The Epic Battle Living Room

The Dark Side Star Wars Room Decor

The Dark Side is a powerful and mysterious force, and now it can be part of your bedroom. If you want to add a touch of the Dark Side to your room, there are many ways to do so. You can opt for wall art that depicts Darth Vader or stormtroopers in action, dark colors like black and red, bedding and pillows with Darth Vader or other characters, and light fixtures to give your room a sinister glow. If you want to go all out, you can even add special effects like smoke machines and colored lighting. Just remember to keep it safe when experimenting with the Dark Side![1]

A Deep Sea of Star Wars

Are you looking to create a Star Wars-inspired bedroom for your little one? Here at Parenting 101, we understand just how amazing it feels to watch your child’s eyes light up as they experience all the wonders of the iconic franchise.  From light sabers to action figures and themed bedding, there are so many fun ideas for creating a bedroom your child will love.

Let’s start by talking about the walls—the foundation of any great room. For an immersive experience, you can opt to use wallpapers featuring all the Star Wars characters and scenes. Or, if that option is too extreme for you, you could choose to accent the walls by painting them a neutral color and then decorating with wall art, such as posters of all the original movies.

When it comes to furniture, you can easily find ready-made Star Wars furniture or create your own pieces. For example, you can use existing bed frames and dressers and paint or decoupage them with Star Wars characters. Alternatively, you can shop around for furniture that has a distinctively galactic flair to it—like an X-Wing bed frame or a Millennium Falcon dresser.[1]

A Cute Spacey Kids Room

If you want to make your kids feel like they’re living in a galaxy far, far away, then decorating their bedroom with Star Wars-inspired decor is the way to go. A great place to start is by creating an entire space-themed room. You can hang stars and planets from the ceiling and paint or wallpaper the walls with a galaxy-inspired mural. Add in space-themed furniture, rugs and light fixtures to complete the look. To bring Star Wars into the room fully, you can add murals of your favorite characters or movie scenes, hang fun wall art, put up movie posters and even buy light switches with Stormtrooper designs. You could even make a custom bed with Star Wars sheets and blankets. Finally, complete the look by adding some fun Star Wars toys and accessories that your kids will love. Creating a space-themed room is an excellent way to show your children that you appreciate their fandom and give them a special place where they can enjoy it.[1]

Futuristic Colors for a Fun Theme

When you’re creating a Star Wars bedroom, the colors can make or break the theme. Go for bright colors to make your child’s bedroom look vibrant and fun. Choose hues like blue, green, red, yellow and white for that futuristic feel associated with the movies. You can even add some metallic paint accents – silver, gold or bronze – to add even more of a galactic vibe. Don’t forget to balance it out with some darker shades like black and gray for contrast.[1]

A Loft with Star Wars Attitude

If you want to create a bedroom that screams ‘Star Wars’, then why not consider turning a loft into a Star Wars theme bedroom? To really add to the atmosphere, you can use furniture and fixtures that show off your Star Wars knowledge.

For example, choose light fixtures with a stormtrooper design or opt for lightsaber night lights. A spaceship-style bunk bed will also add a unique touch to the room, as well as giving you plenty of extra storage space.[1]

The Death Star of a Star Wars Theater Room

Sometimes the best way to add excitement to a kid’s bedroom is to turn it into an immersive Star Wars theater room. A great addition to such a setup is a large, inflatable Death Star that lights up and projects images onto the walls. You can find these at most home improvement stores, as well as online. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even build your own!

This type of setup is sure to become a favorite hangout spot for your little Star Wars fan. Include theater-style seating and a few pillows, and they’ll be ready to watch their favorite movies in style. Add some surround sound speakers and you’ll have the perfect place to host some family movie nights.[1]

A Battle in the Sky

Creating the perfect Star Wars-themed bedroom is a great way to make sure that your favorite fandom is never far away. Whether you’re looking for a few decor touches or want to go all out with wall murals and bedding, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a Star Wars bedroom.

Bring the battle to your room with an amazing mural – pick up some spray paint and painter’s tape, then find some awesome images online that can be replicated on your wall. Whether you want a starfield backdrop or a full-on X-Wing fighter battle in the sky, there’s no end to the creative possibilities.[1]

A Battle in the Sky

Awaken the Force with a Star Wars Game Room

Do you have a young Jedi in your household who loves the classic Star Wars films? If so, why not give them an amazing Star Wars-themed game room they’ll love? This would make a great addition to any home and is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

You can start by painting one of the walls with a mural of your favorite Star Wars character. Then, add some themed furniture like an X-Wing gaming chair, light up wall decals, and a Yoda beanbag chair! You can also incorporate classic video games such as the original arcade version of Super Star Wars or the Nintendo 64 game “Shadows of the Empire”.[1]

The Force Is Strong in This Star Wars Theater Room

Imagine having a room dedicated to the Star Wars universe! With a theater-style arrangement, you can create an immersive experience for you and your friends to enjoy. You can choose from a variety of themes, such as classic episodes, with or without special effects lighting and sound systems. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, consider investing in projection equipment and reclining chairs to make it truly feel like a movie theater.[1]


What color to paint a Star Wars room?

When it comes to painting a Star Wars-themed bedroom, there are many different colors you can choose from. One popular color is a deep blue or gray which mimics the look of outer space. You can also go with the classic black and white of Darth Vader or add in bright yellow and red for an intense lightsaber feel. If you’re looking to create a more neutral atmosphere, you can go with brown or tan for the walls and add in bright greens and purples for a galactic pop of color.

What color to paint a Star Wars room?

How to decorate your room with stars?

A great way to decorate a Star Wars-themed bedroom is to add stars to the walls or ceiling. You can use glow in the dark paint, star stickers, or even string lights for a more subtle effect. To create a starry night sky effect, you can purchase twinkle lights and hang them from the ceiling. Add in a few star decorations for the floor and you’ll have a room that looks like it came straight out of the movies!

How to decorate a romantic room?

If you’re looking to create a romantic Star Wars-themed bedroom, focus on using softer colors and textures. Choose pastel blues, greens, and purples for the walls and layer in different textures like velvet and satin. You can also add in star decorations to the walls or ceiling to give it that galactic feel. For a truly romantic atmosphere, add in some twinkle lights and light candles to set the mood. With these simple ideas, you can create a romantic Star Wars-themed bedroom that’s perfect for cuddling up!

What colors make a bedroom romantic?

When it comes to creating a romantic Star Wars-themed bedroom, you’ll want to go with softer colors. Choose pastel blues, greens, and purples for the walls and layer in different textures like velvet and satin. You can also add in star decorations to the walls or ceiling to give it that galactic feel. For a truly romantic atmosphere, add in some twinkle lights and light candles to set the mood. With these simple ideas, you can create a bedroom that looks straight out of a fairytale!

How can I decorate my bedroom to attract love?

To create a Star Wars-themed bedroom that will attract love, focus on using colors and textures that are inviting and romantic. Choose soft pastels for the walls to create an atmosphere of intimacy. Add in velvet and satin textures to add a touch of luxury. To give it a galactic feel, add star decorations to the walls or ceiling. For a truly romantic atmosphere, add in some twinkle lights and light candles to set the mood. With these simple ideas, you can create a bedroom that will bring love into your life!

What Colors attract love?

When it comes to attracting love, there are certain colors that can help set the mood. Soft pastel blues, greens, and purples are known to be calming and inviting. Shades of pink are also said to bring in romance and passion. If you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant, bright yellows, oranges, and reds are known to be energizing and passionate. With these colors in mind, you can create a Star Wars-themed bedroom that will bring in the love!

What is the feng shui symbol for love?

The feng shui symbol for love is known as the double happiness sign. This symbol consists of two juxtaposed Chinese characters, which mean happiness and joy. This symbol is often used to represent two different people coming together in harmony. It’s a perfect addition to any Star Wars-themed bedroom and can help attract love into your life. With this simple addition, you can create a room that will be filled with love and happiness!

How can I be romantic in the bedroom at night?

When it comes to being romantic in the bedroom, setting the mood is key. To create a romantic atmosphere, hang twinkle lights from the ceiling and light some candles. You can also add soft touches like velvet blankets or satin sheets to add a bit of luxury. And don’t forget to add in some star decorations for a truly galactic feel. With these simple ideas, you can create a bedroom that is perfect for cuddling up and enjoying the night!

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Star Wars bedroom ideas are a great way to turn your bedroom into a space that is out of this world. With bright colors, attention-grabbing wall art, and creative storage solutions, you’ll have a room that any Jedi would be proud of. Don’t forget the finishing touches like curtains, rugs and bedding to really bring the theme together. With a little bit of time and effort, you can create a bedroom that any Star Wars fan would love!

Making your own Star Wars-themed bedroom is an exciting way to show off your fandom in style. Remember to use colors wisely, pick wall art carefully, and choose furniture and accessories that will last. With these helpful tips and ideas, you’ll be all set to create the perfect Star Wars bedroom of your dreams. May the Force be with you!