Tiny House Storage Ideas

Tiny House Storage Ideas

Living in a tiny house doesn’t mean you have to live without all of the amenities of a traditional home. You just need to be creative with your storage solutions! This blog post will discuss some creative ways to store your belongings in a tiny house. It will also provide tips on how to make the most of your limited space. So, whether you are just starting out on your tiny house journey or you have been living small for years, these storage ideas will help you keep your home organized and clutter-free!

Who needs a Tiny House?

Tiny houses are a great option for anyone looking for an affordable, low-maintenance home. They are especially appealing to young professionals and retirees who want the freedom of living in a smaller space without sacrificing comfort or style. Additionally, tiny homes can be ideal for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint as they typically use fewer resources than larger dwellings.

Who needs a Tiny House?

Finally, tiny houses offer creative solutions to individuals with limited financial resources who cannot afford traditional housing options. Whether you’re looking to save money, downsize your lifestyle, or just simplify your life – a tiny house may be perfect for you [1]!

How to Organize Your Small House with No Storage?

Making the most of a small house with no storage can be a challenge. However, it is possible to organize your home in such a way that you can make the most of every bit of space available. Here are a few tips for organizing a small home with no storage.

Declutter and downsize your possessions

The first step to organizing a small home with no storage is to declutter and downsize your possessions. Start by sorting through items that are not used or necessary and donate them, sell them, recycle them, or toss them out. This will give you more room to store items that you need and use regularly.

Maximize the space you have

Once you have decluttered your belongings, it’s time to maximize the space you have. Consider utilizing vertical space with shelves and wall-hung baskets. Put furniture on wheels so that it can be moved easily when needed. Hang clothes on hangers instead of folding them in drawers as this will take up less space.

How to Organize Your Small House with No Storage?

Utilize multipurpose furniture

Utilizing multipurpose furniture and items is a great way to maximize your limited storage space. Look for items that can double as both furniture and storage such as ottomans or benches with built-in storage space. Invest in nesting tables, ladders, and wall-mounted shelves so that you can make the most of your vertical space.

Create hidden storage

You can also create hidden storage spaces by using furniture with compartments and drawers. Look for pieces that have extra spaces underneath them where you can store items like blankets or linens. Use baskets or boxes on shelves or inside cabinets to keep small items organized.

Clear flat surfaces

Be sure to keep flat surfaces like tables and countertops clear of clutter. This will help make the room feel more open and will also make it easier to find items when you need them. Choose functional decorations like wall art with built-in shelves or hooks so that they can double as storage space.

Utilize vertical space

Utilizing vertical space is essential for small homes with no storage. Try installing wall shelves or even hanging baskets on the walls to store items like towels and cleaning supplies. You can also use tall bookcases or cabinets that reach up to the ceiling to maximize your storage while keeping it out of sight.

Use Under-Bed Storage

Don’t forget to utilize the space under your bed. You can easily store items here that you don’t need on a daily basis but still want to keep nearby, such as blankets or extra clothes. Invest in some plastic bins or rolling drawers so you can make the most of this space without sacrificing style.

Use Under-Bed Storage

Divide your clothes by season

Another way to maximize your storage space is to divide your clothing by season. Put away items that are not currently in use and store them in a different area of the house, such as an attic or basement. This will help free up more room for the clothes you need right now.

Use stacking containers

Stacking containers are a great way to make the most of vertical space in your home. Look for clear plastic or wicker baskets that fit neatly on top of one another so you can store items like toiletries or extra towels in a neat and organized manner.

Calm your entryway

The entryway of your home can easily become cluttered if you don’t have a designated storage space. Invest in some wall-mounted hooks, shelves, or even shoe racks so that keys and other items can be stored away neatly [2].

Tiny Home Space Saving Ideas for Kitchen

Cabinets with side shelves

If you’re looking for an easy and space-saving way to store all of your kitchen items and food, side shelves are the way to go.

These tall cabinets come with a shelf on either side of them, so that you can store things up high and out of sight. Not only do these cabinets provide more storage, but they also give your kitchen a sleek and modern look.

Use baskets or bins

Baskets or bins are great for storing those hard-to-store items in your tiny home kitchen. Utilizing baskets to organize spices or small utensils is a clever idea that makes it easier to find what you need quickly! You can keep items together, which saves time when cooking or baking. Plus, if you have a larger item that needs to be stored away, you can always use the basket or bin for extra storage!

Tiny Home Space Saving Ideas for Kitchen

Hang items on walls

If you’re looking for a creative way to save space in your tiny home kitchen, consider hanging items up on the wall. You can hang utensils, pots and pans, mugs, and other small items so they don’t take up precious countertop or cabinet space. Plus, it’s an easy way to add some decor to your kitchen while still being functional!

Use magnetic strips

For those hard-to-store metal objects like knives and scissors, use magnetic strips to keep them within reach but off of the countertops. The strips are easy to install and take up very little space, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing valuable storage for these items. Plus, this is a great way to show off your favorite kitchen tools!

Buy multi-purpose appliances

When it comes to tiny home living, making sure that all of your appliances serve multiple purposes is key. Instead of buying separate appliances for each task (like a mixer, blender, food processor), look for one appliance that can do all the jobs. This not only saves you money but also takes up less counter space in your tiny home kitchen. Plus, there are plenty of options out there that are designed specifically with small spaces in mind!

The reverse side of the shelves

When it comes to kitchen storage, don’t forget about the reverse side of your shelves! These areas can often be overlooked, but they’re great for storing small items like spices and other pantry staples. You can even use the back of your cabinets as extra storage space if needed. Just make sure that whatever you store here is well-labeled so you know where everything is!

Use vertical storage solutions

Using vertical storage solutions in your tiny home kitchen is a great way to maximize space without taking up too much floor area. Consider installing tall shelving units or stacking shelves to keep all of your dishes, pots, pans and utensils within reach but off the countertops. This will help keep your kitchen looking neat and organized!

Overhead shelf

Adding an overhead shelf to your tiny home kitchen is a great way to store those items that you don’t need access to every day. Utilize this space for cookbooks, decorative items or bulk food storage containers. Not only will it keep your countertops free of clutter, but it’ll also give your kitchen a more spacious feel!

Overhead shelf

Under the sink

Don’t forget about the area under the sink in your tiny home kitchen! This is a great place to store any cleaning supplies or extra paper towels and toiletries. You can even install an adjustable rack system so that you can customize how you want to organize these smaller items. Plus, this will help you avoid leaving them out on the counters where they can take up valuable space.

Tiny House Fold-out table

When it comes to tiny home living, space is always a priority. That’s why adding a fold-out table to your kitchen is such a great idea. Not only does this give you the extra counter space you need for prepping meals and storing items, but it also adds an additional seating area for when you have guests over! Plus, when not in use, the table can simply be folded away so that it takes up minimal space.

Sink as a counter space

When it comes to tiny home kitchens, the sink often doubles as a counter space. To make this area even more useful and organized, consider installing a cutting board that fits over your sink. This way, you can use the space for food prep or as an additional spot to store items without cluttering up your countertop. Plus, it’s another great way to make sure that everything has its own place in your kitchen [3]!

Tiny House Organization Ideas for Bathroom


Utilizing corners is an easy and effective way to keep a bathroom organized. If you have a corner sink, consider adding shelves above the sink for extra storage of items like towels or even toiletries. You can also install hooks in the wall to hang bathrobes and towels. Another great idea is using wall space with corner shelving for storing small items that are routinely used in the bathroom such as soaps, shampoos, and toothbrushes.


Adding drawers underneath your sink or vanity can help keep anything from makeup to cleaning supplies out of sight and well-organized. To make your drawers even more functional, consider adding dividers or bins inside them to store individual items neatly instead of having everything jumbled together.


Storing items in baskets is a great way to keep your bathroom organized while keeping it looking stylish! Baskets are ideal for storing items like extra towels, toilet paper, or even medicine. They also make it easy to grab the items you need quickly and efficiently.

Tiny House Organization Ideas for Bathroom


Hooks on the wall can be an incredibly useful tool for organizing your tiny house bathroom. You can hang up towels, robes, and other items that would normally take up space on shelves or drawers. This is also a great option if you don’t have room for storage options like shelves or drawers.

Over the Toilet Storage

Over-the-toilet storage is one of the most efficient ways to organize a tiny house bathroom. Many of these storage options come with several shelves for storing items like towels and toiletries, as well as drawers or baskets to store other items. This storage option will help keep the area around your toilet free from clutter while still allowing you to easily access the items you need.

Mirror with shelf

Adding a mirror with a shelf underneath it can be an effective way to maximize the storage space in your tiny house bathroom. This is great for storing items like perfumes, lotions, and other items that you don’t want out on display but also need easy access to. It also adds extra light to the room as well!

Tiny Home Storage Space for Bedroom

Smart window storage

If your bedroom is small and you’re looking for storage solutions, look no further than smart window storage. By utilizing the space above and around your windows, you can create a unique storage solution that takes advantage of otherwise wasted vertical space. Consider mounting shelves or hanging multiple baskets on the walls around your windows for storing items like books, shoes, clothes and other knick-knacks. This type of storage is perfect for tiny homes since it won’t take up valuable floor space.

Under-bed drawers

Another great option for tiny home bedrooms are under-bed drawers. These drawers allow you to maximize all available space in your bed area, giving you extra room for clothes, linens, books, and other items. Under-bed drawers are available in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can find one to fit your specific needs. Plus, many under-bed drawers come with wheels for easy mobility.

Hanging storage

If you’re looking for a way to create extra storage space without taking up valuable room in your tiny home bedroom, consider hanging storage solutions.

You can use wall hooks or over-door racks to hang items like hats, scarves, towels and even clothes. If you have more floor space than wall space, there are also freestanding clothing racks that provide ample hanging storage options.

Folded beds and overhead shelves

For tiny home bedrooms that are especially cramped, consider investing in a folded bed or overhead shelves. Folded beds are great for small spaces because they can be pulled down to create sleeping space when needed and then tucked away when not in use. Overhead shelves provide valuable storage space without taking up floor room and are perfect for stashing items like books, art supplies, and other knick-knacks [4].

Tiny Homes Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Couch storage

If you want to maximize storage in your living room, consider using a couch with built-in storage. Many couches now come with drawers or compartments beneath the seating area that can be used for extra blankets, toys and other items. If you don’t have a pre-made option, look for one with removable cushions where you can store larger items like books and magazines.

Wall shelves

When it comes to storing things off the floor, wall shelves are a great solution. You can find several different designs available which will fit into any space. There are also wall mounts that allow for adding more storage options like baskets and boxes for smaller items.

Coffee table storage

Instead of a traditional coffee table, opt for one with built-in storage. You can hide away books, games and other items underneath the tabletop so they’re out of sight but still accessible when needed. If you don’t want to invest in a new piece of furniture, consider using an ottoman or footstool instead; many have hidden compartments that are perfect for storing small items.

Tiny Homes Storage Ideas for Living Rooms


Bookcases are ideal for tiny homes because they provide lots of storage without taking up too much space. Look for smaller designs that fit snugly against a wall and use baskets or boxes to store smaller items like remotes and charging cords.

Storage cubes

If you don’t have room for a bookcase, storage cubes can be a great alternative. They are smaller in size and can easily fit into tight corners. Look for ones with adjustable shelves to create more space or add doors to hide away items.

Floor storage systems

If you’re looking for something more permanent, consider using a floor storage system. They come in different sizes and configurations so you can find the perfect one to fit your space and needs. You can use this type of storage to store larger items like books or baskets of toys.

Rug chests

Rug chests are an excellent way to add some extra storage to your living room. These pieces are designed with two purposes in mind: as a decorative rug and as a place to store things. Look for ones that have deep compartments and plenty of space for keeping items like blankets, slippers and magazines out of sight but easily accessible when needed.

Underneath dining table solutions

If you have a dining table in your living room, use it to your advantage by adding storage underneath. Look for baskets or containers that fit neatly beneath and can store items like books, board games and other small items. By utilizing these creative storage solutions, you’ll be able to maximize the space in your tiny home while still keeping things organized and looking great!

Lounge sofa under the sleeping loft

If you have a sleeping loft in your tiny home, consider adding a lounge sofa underneath. This will provide extra seating as well as storage for things like blankets and pillows. Look for ones with built-in compartments or drawers to store small items and keep the area organized.

Cabinets and closets

Don’t forget about the cabinets and closets! These are often overlooked but can be great for storing items that aren’t used very often like seasonal clothing or extra bedding. Look for shelving systems with adjustable shelves so you can maximize space.

Ceiling shelf

If you’re really tight on space, consider adding a ceiling shelf. This will provide extra storage without taking up any valuable floor space. Look for ones that are easy to install and use heavy-duty brackets to ensure they remain secure in place.

Under Stairs Storage Ideas for Tiny Houses

Staircase cabinet ideas

Creating a cabinet under the stairs is an easy way to maximize space in a tiny house. It can be used for storage of items, such as books, clothing, or even bulk items like laundry detergent. The key is to make sure that it has enough room to store your things and doesn’t take up too much floor space. There are several creative ways to design cabinets under the stairs, including built-in shelves and drawers or simply adding a few adjustable shelves with baskets underneath them.

Hollow staircase storage units

A hollow staircase is another creative way to make use of the area under the stairs in a tiny house. You can install shelves or drawers into each stair riser, allowing you to store items like books, cleaning supplies, and other items that need to be kept out of sight. This type of storage unit also looks great and adds character to your home!

Under Stairs Storage Ideas for Tiny Houses

Pull out drawers

Adding pull-out drawers underneath the stairs is an easy way to create extra storage space in a tiny house. The drawers can be used for storing items such as linens and towels, small appliances, toys, or even pet food and supplies. Be sure to measure carefully so that the drawers fit snugly under the stairs without taking up too much floor space.

Under stair storage shelves

If you’re looking for a more minimalistic approach to under stair storage, installing shelves is a great option. This can be done either by building the shelves right into the wall or simply adding adjustable shelving units underneath the stairs. Shelves are great for storing items like books, decorations, and other small items that don’t take up a lot of space.

Other Storage Options from Tiny Homes

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets can be a great option for tiny home storage. They are lightweight and easy to install, making them an ideal solution for adding extra storage without taking up much space. Hanging baskets come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect one to fit your tiny home’s decor.

You can use hanging baskets to store items like towels, blankets, clothing, books, and more! Depending on their size and weight limits, they can also make great places to store heavier items like kitchen appliances or tools.

Hanging closet organizers

Hanging closet organizers are a great way to maximize storage in your tiny home. These organizers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and the space available in your tiny home. You can store clothing, towels, linens, shoes, and other items inside these hanging closet organizers. They are easy to install and will help keep your tiny home organized and clutter-free!

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are another great space-saving option for adding storage to your tiny home. Floating shelves come in many styles and materials, making it easy to find ones that match the existing decor of your tiny home. They provide an easy way to store items like books, decorations, dinnerware, and other items without taking up too much space. Floating shelves are a great storage option for any tiny home!

A narrow shelf at the foot of the staircase

If you have a staircase in your tiny home, you can use the space at the foot of it to create additional storage. A narrow shelf is a perfect solution for this area because it won’t take up too much space and it will provide extra storage for items like shoes, blankets, books, or other small items. You can choose from many different materials and styles when selecting your shelf to ensure that it fits with the existing decor of your tiny home.


How can I maximize storage in my tiny house?

Maximizing storage in a tiny house can be accomplished through the creative use of multipurpose furniture, vertical space, and wall-mounted shelving. Consider investing in furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as an ottoman with built-in storage, to maximize the amount of usable storage space. Additionally, look for ways to use the walls and any available vertical space for shelves or cabinets. Installing peg boards on the walls can also help create extra storage without taking up too much floor space. Finally, think about how you can store items creatively – hanging baskets or wall hooks are great options for storing smaller items while keeping them accessible. With thoughtful planning and the right resources, your tiny house can have plenty of storage!

How do you organize a small house with no storage?

Organizing a small house with no storage can be challenging, but there are some great strategies you can use. First and foremost, try to declutter your home by getting rid of any items that are not necessary or that you don’t use often. This will allow you to make the most of the space you have available. Additionally, invest in multipurpose furniture and creative storage solutions that won’t take up too much room. Some good options include space-saving shelves, baskets, bins, and hooks that can easily be mounted on walls or doors. Finally, utilize vertical space whenever possible – shelves and cabinets hung from the ceiling can provide extra storage without taking up too much floor space.

What are the negative features of a tiny house?

The main negative feature of a tiny house is its limited amount of living space. This can make it difficult to move around, especially if you’re sharing the house with other people. Additionally, since there’s not much room for extra storage, it can be hard to keep the house organized and tidy. Tiny houses are also prone to get hot in summer and cold in winter because they don’t have enough insulation. Finally, some communities may not allow tiny houses due to zoning regulations or size requirements, so it’s important to research local laws before building one.

What should I consider when buying a tiny house?

When considering buying a tiny house, several factors need to be taken into account. First, make sure that you’re familiar with any zoning regulations or size restrictions in your area before beginning the search. Secondly, consider how much space you need and what type of amenities you want to have. Additionally, factor in things like insulation and heating/cooling systems that will make the house comfortable for living. Lastly, budget accordingly and investigate financing options if you’re going to need help paying for your tiny house.

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Tiny house storage ideas provide creative and innovative ways to store your belongings without taking up too much space. By utilizing multifunctional furniture, vertical storage, and decluttering your home, you can make the most of tight spaces. Ultimately, this is a great way to maximize a tiny house’s limited square footage while still staying organized and stylish. With these tips in mind, you can turn any small home into a well-designed haven with plenty of room for all your necessities.


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