Korean-Style Bedroom Ideas

Korean-Style Bedroom Ideas

Welcome to our guide on Korean-Style Bedroom Ideas! Are you looking for something new, exciting and fun for your bedroom? Have you ever thought about trying out a different style of bedroom décor that’s inspired by traditional Korean design elements? If so, then you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll be exploring the basics of Korean-Style Bedroom Ideas, and providing answers to frequently asked questions and useful tips. So let’s get started!

White walls

One of the most popular ideas for Korean-style bedrooms is to paint all four walls white. This choice creates a bright and airy atmosphere in your bedroom, as well as making any decorations you choose stand out more – from paper lanterns to traditional fan art. The best part? White walls are also incredibly easy to maintain. [1]

Day curtains

Day curtains are a staple of the Korean-Style Bedroom and can add a touch of sophistication to the space. They come in many different styles, such as sheer curtains that allow light to penetrate the room while still providing privacy, or heavier blackout curtains perfect for blocking out light and sound. Day curtains also come in a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics, so you can easily customize your bedroom with a unique look. When it comes to design, hang them low as close to the floor as possible so that they pool slightly for a dramatic look.

If you’re a fan of bold prints, day curtains are also available in striking patterns and designs. For instance, try pairing a modern geometric pattern with more traditional furniture for a balanced look. Or, keep it simple by pairing white linen curtains with your existing furnishings. No matter what you choose, day curtains can turn an ordinary bedroom into something special. [1]

Day curtains

Choose light-colored soft furnishings

In Korean-style bedrooms, light and airy colors such as pastels or whites create a calming atmosphere. Light-colored soft furnishings, like bedding and curtains, also add to the serenity of the room. If you want to make your bedroom look more sophisticated, opt for darker tones like navy blue or black, but stick to soft fabrics like velvet or satin. [2]

Keep things simple

Korean-style bedrooms tend to be quite minimalistic, with simple furniture pieces and muted colors. If you’re looking for a subtle but modern design, consider keeping your bedroom in the same vein by using only a few select furniture items that are low on clutter and high on functionality.

A platform bed is an ideal option as it offers plenty of storage and a contemporary look. If you’re looking to build on the minimalist style, opt for a bed with no headboard or one that has a low-profile design. You can also add some other simple furniture pieces such as nightstands and dressers to your room. [2]

Position your bed near the window

Positioning your bed near the window is a great way to make the most of natural lighting and create a feeling of airiness in your bedroom. You can also take advantage of the pleasant breeze, if you live in a more temperate climate. To achieve this look, try placing your bed against one wall and adding sheer curtains on the windows to create a dreamy, romantic atmosphere. Coupled with the right furniture and textiles, this style could be perfect for your Korean-inspired bedroom. [2]

Install mood lights

Mood lighting is a great way to give your bedroom an extra special touch. In Korean-style bedrooms, you can create the perfect atmosphere with fairy lights or paper lanterns. These lights come in different colors and shapes, so you can pick something that suits your style. If you want to keep things more minimalistic, consider using recessed lighting or LED strips. By installing these lights, you can easily change the mood of your room as often as you like! [2]

Install mood lights

Furnish the space with light wood furniture

Light wood furniture is a defining feature of Korean-style bedrooms. It helps to bring a sense of airiness and lightness to the room, which is important for creating a calming atmosphere. Look for pieces made from natural materials like bamboo or soft woods such as pine, cedar, and oak. These lighter woods will help create an inviting and cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation.

Also consider adding pieces with a bit of character, such as hand-carved wooden frames around the bed or a carved wooden headboard. These unique details will add an elegant touch to your space and give it a distinct Korean feel. For added comfort, look for furniture with rounded edges and soft, inviting curves. This will help to create a more calming atmosphere in your bedroom. [2]

Consider low-level furniture, especially for bigger pieces like your bed

Low-level furniture and pieces like platform beds are popular in Korea, as they create a sense of openness and airiness that’s ideal for smaller spaces. By avoiding bulky furniture with ornate details, you can keep your bedroom from feeling too cluttered. [2]

Your design should also fit your personality

When it comes to designing a Korean-style bedroom, the first step is to determine what your style is. Traditional Korean design often features elements like traditional furniture, patterned wallpapers, and natural materials. However, you can also incorporate modern touches like colorful accents and bold prints to create an eclectic look that reflects your unique personality.

When shopping for furniture, look for pieces that will be both stylish and functional. A bed frame with simple lines and a low platform is ideal for creating a traditional Korean-style bedroom. If you prefer something a bit more modern, try out some contemporary designs like sleek metal frames or brightly colored headboards. [2]

Use full-length mirrors and tilt them against the wall

This is one of the easiest ways to make a small room look larger. Placing full-length mirrors against the wall not only makes the space appear more spacious, but it also adds a lot of visual appeal. You can choose from different styles and shapes – try using floor-to-ceiling mirrors for an even bigger effect. [2]

Add greenery

Adding some greenery to your Korean-style bedroom is an easy way to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Plants add life and color to any space, and can help make a room look more alive and inviting. You could go for something small like a succulent or even a bonsai tree if you have limited space available. For larger bedrooms, consider a tall floor plant like a fiddle-leaf fig tree which will create an impressive visual impact. If you don’t have the time or inclination to care for live plants, you can also opt for artificial ones. Whatever you choose, just make sure it fits in with the overall style of your Korean-style bedroom. [2]

Add greenery

Switch to airy white curtains

One of the most important features in a Korean-style bedroom is to keep it airy. The best way to achieve this look is by switching out heavy drapes for light and airy white curtains. You can also try using light-colored bedding and linens, such as pastels, beiges, or whites. This will help brighten up the space, making it feel open and welcoming. [3]

Put an aesthetic lamp by your bedside

Adding an aesthetic lamp is a great way to complete your Korean-style bedroom. Not only does it create the perfect ambience for relaxation, it also adds a touch of elegance and style that fits in perfectly with the overall theme. Choose from a variety of designs inspired by Korea’s traditional Hanok homes, such as lamps shaped like lotus flowers or lanterns.

For a truly authentic experience, opt for an oil lamp made from clay and brass. These lamps have been used in Korean homes for centuries, providing a soft and inviting light. Or if you’re looking for something more modern, try a sleek design with colorful LED lights. Whatever your choice, an aesthetic lamp is sure to give your bedroom the perfect finishing touch. [3]

Put up cool wall calendars

In Korean-style bedrooms, cool wall calendars can be a great way to add some fun and personality to the space. You can customize the calendar with your favorite characters, photos of friends or family, or other images that reflect your style. Hang it up in the bedroom and you’ll have something interesting to look at every month! Plus, it’s a great way to stay organized and keep track of important dates.

For an even cooler touch, pick up some vintage or retro-style wall calendars that add a unique and vintage look to the room. They come in all sorts of colors, designs, and sizes so you can definitely find something that matches your bedroom theme! [3]

Go for acrylic chairs

When it comes to Korean-style bedroom ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment with different furniture pieces. Acrylic chairs are a great option as they lend an airy and modern look to any room. Not only are they lightweight and easy to move around, but they also come in a variety of colors that can make any space feel unique. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the chairs taking up too much space as they are compact and won’t clutter your room. If you’re looking for a modern touch to your bedroom, acrylic chairs can be just what you need! [3]

Go for acrylic chairs

Make use of stylish candles

Adding a few candles to your bedroom is the perfect finishing touch for any Korean-style design. Candles come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and styles, so you’re sure to find some that fit with your home’s aesthetic. You can choose from traditional or modern taper candles as well as eye-catching statement pieces like vintage candelabras or even candles in the shape of animals. The warm glow of a few candles is sure to make your bedroom feel more cozy and inviting. Plus, you can light them up when you want to create an extra special atmosphere for a romantic evening at home. [3]

Hang artsy posters and tapestries

One of the best ways to make your bedroom look more Korean-style is to hang artsy posters and tapestries. Hang up one or two larger pieces that feature traditional motifs, like landscapes or scenes from nature, as well as a few smaller prints with modern designs. You can either buy pre-made posters and tapestries or make your own.

Another fun way to add a Korean-style touch to your bedroom is by using washi tape. Washi tape is colorful and easily removable masking tape that comes in a wide variety of prints, patterns, and colors. Use it to create intricate designs on doors and drawers, hang photos or art pieces from the walls, or even line shelves and table tops.

Finally, you can add a special touch to your bedroom with some Korean-style home décor items. Look for items like calligraphy scrolls, lanterns, and paper fans that have a traditional feel but still fit in with the modern aesthetic. [3]

Opt for light wood furniture

When creating a bedroom in the Korean style, opt for light-colored wood furniture to keep things looking airy and open. It’s typical of traditional Korean interiors to have low, lightweight furniture as part of the overall design aesthetic. Additionally, neutral-toned fabrics like cotton or linen are preferred for upholstery and curtains, while simple patterns are also common. By keeping these elements in mind when selecting furniture and decor for your bedroom, you’ll be able to create an authentic-looking Korean design. [3]

Opt for light wood furniture

Add a touch of whimsy with irregularly-shaped mirrors

Mirrors are a popular addition to Korean-style bedrooms, but try breaking away from the traditional rectangular shape and add some shaped mirrors of your own. Irregularly-shaped mirrors can be used to create an atmosphere of fun and whimsy while still keeping with the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. Try finding unique shapes that fit in with your décor and furniture, such as mirrored stars or crescent moons. You can also look for antique frames to give your mirror a classic touch.

When placing your mirrors, take advantage of their reflective properties to create an illusion of depth in the space. Mirrors placed opposite one another help to expand the visual breadth of the room, while the placement of two mirrors at a diagonal can create an interesting optical illusion. [3]


What is Korean interior design?

Korean interior design is a style of decorating that draws inspiration from traditional Korean culture, focusing on simplicity and natural elements. It emphasizes minimalism and creates an atmosphere of cleanliness and order. In other words, it’s all about keeping things neat, tidy, and clutter-free.

Which style is best for the bedroom?

Korean style is perfect for the bedroom. This style emphasizes clean lines and simple, streamlined furniture. The use of natural materials like wood, bamboo, and paper also lends a calming atmosphere that’s ideal for restful sleep. Additionally, this design aesthetic brings in elements of nature with indoor plants and pieces made of natural fibers.

What is a Korean bedroom?

A Korean bedroom is a space that uses traditional and modern elements of Korean design. It typically features minimalistic pieces like low-lying beds, side tables, dressers with clean lines, and simple storage solutions. The focus is on creating a calming atmosphere using natural materials like wood or bamboo and neutral colors such as beige or white.

What is a Korean bedroom?

Why do Koreans sleep on low beds?

Koreans typically sleep on low beds because sleeping close to the floor has many benefits. It’s said to help with digestion and circulation, as well as reduce back and neck pain. Additionally, traditional Korean culture values minimalism which means that lower beds are a natural fit for this style of design.

What do Koreans use on their beds?

Koreans typically use thin mattresses and comforters on their beds. These are commonly made with natural fibers like cotton, silk, or wool. Additionally, traditional Korean style uses a blanket called a dari spread across the bed for extra warmth. This is usually filled with cotton padding and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Why do Koreans sleep on the floor?

Koreans often sleep on the floor because it can help with back pain and improve circulation. Additionally, sleeping close to the ground is said to bring a greater sense of balance in one’s life. Sleeping on the floor also has cultural significance as it was common practice for many generations of Korean families.

What time do Korean people go to bed?

Korean people usually go to bed between 10 and 11 pm. This is due to the traditional belief that sleeping late at night can cause physical harm and mentally drain one’s energy during the day. By going to sleep earlier, Korean people are able to maintain their health and stay energized for the next day.

Why do Korean girls put towels on while sitting?

Korean girls put towels on while sitting to maintain a modest appearance. This is seen as a sign of respect and also helps to keep their clothes from becoming disheveled or wrinkled. Additionally, it serves as an extra layer of protection against the cold floor.

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No matter what style of bedroom you desire, there is sure to be something that suits your needs in the realm of Korean-Style Bedroom Ideas. We hope that this article has given you some useful information and inspired you to create a unique and comfortable space with a distinctively Korean flair!

Remember, the key elements are comfort, simplicity, and balance. With the right combination of colors and materials, you can turn your bedroom into a haven of peace and tranquility – worthy of the most beautiful temples in Korea!

We hope this article has been helpful to you as you embark on your journey to design a perfect Korean-style bedroom.


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